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Establish a positive online presence and engage your audience in a valuable and rewarding way by using Social Media as part of your marketing and promotion tools.

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Social Media Services

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Social Media has taken the world by storm, especially in the areas of marketing and communication. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have changed the way people communicate and network. As a result, the way people advertise has changed as well.

Whether you are new to social media and don’t know how to get started or you are online but not seeing any results, we can help. We work with you to devise a social media campaign that will help you establish a positive online presence and allow you to engage existing clients and customers as well as attracting new clients and customers.

For private clubs who are interested in using Social Media as part of your marketing and membership campaign, we can help you set up a social media presence that helps engage members while being mindful and aware of the privacy issues and policies that are a part of a private club. This includes Twitter, Facebook, Hootsuite, blogs, YouTube and FourSquare among others.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to meet with you and discuss how we can help you as well as what services best meet your needs. Rates are determined based on services required and are discussed during the consultation.

Contact us to request a complimentary consultation session.


Individual Services

Past and Current Clients

  • Consultation sessions ($75.00 per hour)
  • Facebook page or group set up ($250.00)
  • Twitter set up ($250.00)
  • Tumblr set up ($250.00)
  • Hootsuite set up ($250.00)
  • Foursquare set up ($250.00)
  • LinkedIn set up ($250.00)
  • YouTube set up ($250.00)
  • Blog Set up ($250.00)
  • Marketing Strategy (TBD)
  • Audit of current campaign (TBD)
  • Regular Facebook updates (TBD)
  • Regular Twitter updates (TBD)
  • Regular blog posting (TBD)

* Prices listed are exclusive of taxes *



Starter Package

($700.00 + tax)

This package is great for individuals and companies who like to use social media but are not sure where to start or which platforms are right for you and your business.

The package includes:

  • 3  consulting hours
  • 2 social media page/account creation
  • A cheat sheet on how to edit, use, post, etc

* Additional social media page/account creation is available at $250.00 + tax *


What people are saying

Ying Ying has been at the forefront in getting The Vancouver Club involved in Social Media. She started with a travel blog that she maintained during her travels to the various clubs around the world and moved onto a regular blog for members and she was instrumental on getting the Club on Twitter. I asked her about starting a Facebook page and she was very enthusiastic about it. As an admin for the Facebook page, she was very good at updating it and using it to promote the Club while respecting the privacy issues of the Club’s bylaws and membership.

Ying Ying is also very knowledgeable about other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and foursquare. Her familiarity with the workings of a private club along with her expertise of social media is an unique combination and her services would be very beneficial for private clubs who are looking to utilize social media to promote, as well as attract, engage and retain members.

Dorian Banks
Metrobridge Networks Corp. Vancouver

Ying Ying delivers prompt & effect Facebook & Twitter education, set-up & service on a timely basis for our premier volleyball organization.

I highly recommend Ying Ying’s services to any organization who wants to increase their marketing & social networking capability with its

Rex Go
TFC Volleyball, Vancouver